Why does the Chrysler Pacifica use dual stage airbags?

There are two types of safety airbags on the road today. The original airbag is most common in larger vehicles such as trucks and other commodity transports. The dual airbag is a relatively new device that can inflate at different speeds. Manufacturers determined that using the dual airbag in family cars is preferred due to the injuries developed in children when the original airbag deployed.

Engineers quickly recognized the family orientation of the Pacifica minivan. Small children, susceptible to the sudden pressures of deploying airbags is a family concern. Dual stage airbags take into consideration the speed of the vehicle, the size and position of the occupant, and the perceived severity of the accident. With the added information, airbag technology allows a smaller inflation speed when appropriate.

At Mills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Wilmar, MN we demonstrate the nature of the dual stage airbag. Come and see it for yourself.

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