Why the New Ram 1500 Safety Features are Getting Deserved Attention

If you are in the market for a popular light-duty pickup truck, visit Mills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so you can see all the safety features in the new Ram 1500.

When you shift the Ram 1500 in reverse, this is when you'll automatically access the rearview camera system. The information screen in the center console switches to a camera screen as you shift to reverse, giving the driver the unique ability to be able to see everything in the rear that could be in the path of your vehicle.

The Ram 1500 is going to help you to be safer as you travel on the highway at high speeds. Simply start by setting the cruising speed, then the forward mounted sensors are going to use radar technology to lock onto a lead car and create a safe driving buffer zone. This zone is maintained automatically by the car speeding and slowing down on its own.



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