How Extreme Weather Affects Car Batteries

Many people consider winter the season that creates the most trouble for a vehicle’s battery. It is true that the colder months create challenges for the charging system, but it’s not actually the worst time of year. Summer’s heat drains more from the battery than any other season.

When temperatures drop below freezing, the motor oil begins to thicken. The battery and the starter work harder to start the engine. It takes longer to turn it over, and that creates wear. When you add the extra time that you have the headlights and heater going, it expends more pull on the charging system. Summer, however, is the time of year that can really cause extra work for your battery. Heat naturally evaporates liquid, and it’s a reason to keep an eye on the battery’s fluid. Letting it get too low causes it to overheat. Consistently high temperatures reduce the battery’s life.

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