Maximize the power and embrace the performance in a new Dodge Challenger. You’ll experience the bone-chilling thrill when you ride out in this popular muscle car designed for the most spirited drivers.

It’s a menace on the road with options in power. You’ll receive the red or black fob choices that enhance the already maximized power in this 6.2L Hemi V8 engine. 500 horsepower is snugly packed in the black fob, but choose the red fob and you’ll unleash the gratifying 700 horsepower that will send a chill down your spine as you glide on the road. The Dodge Challenger was built for speed and you’ll feel completely in control with the Electric Power Steering that allows you to enhance your agility on the road.

So get around those curves without worry and maneuver with ease anywhere you go. Feel the power this car entails when you test drive one at our dealership.


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